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Join John Renfrow as he gives the latest and best information regarding sports: local and national. From the victories of the local Grenadiers, to the latest major league news, and exclusive interviews with the coaches and players that make it happen, John has it all.

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I am a 22-year-old junior at IU Southeast, majoring in multimedia journalism. From the start of high school, I have involved myself with cinematography, filming movies, music videos, weddings and live events. My ultimate goal in life is to film high profile movies with well respected production companies.

My name is Samuel Murphy. I’m 22, and a senior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. I am currently a Content Editor for The Horizon, focusing mostly on sports coverage. Outside of school, I am the stereotypical male. I enjoy watching and playing sports, playing video games and hanging out with friends. For as long as I […]

I was born in Louisville in 1995, to Maggie and Chris. I’m currently a junior and journalism major with a focus in broadcasting. I’ve lived in a few different places from Phoenix to Louisville to Jeffersonville, but Louisville is my home. I’m a big Louisville Cardinals fan, and big sports fan in general. Basketball is […]

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