Horizon Radio: Evolving and Expanding

Written by on September 9, 2018

Horizon Media started just one semester ago. The product of a group of passionate individuals on a mission to expand student involvement and media on the campus of Indiana University Southeast. Soon, a cast of DJs arose from the student body and poured their passions out to create the first programming for a station in its infancy. By the end of its first semester, Horizon Radio was winning campus awards for innovation.

But that was last semester. This is the fall.

This semester is the best of both words. Many classic programs are returning to entertain you: The Weekly Tip-off, Crimson and Chrome, The Captain’s Chest, On the Air with Jerr, and Motivational Mondays are all coming back.

Other shows are expanding. Good Morning Grenadiers, The Latin Lunch Hour, and the Evening Indie Shuffle are taking on expanded roles as a new semester begins, adding more time to individual shows, and the amount of days they are broadcast.

We are also ecstatic about what is coming in the future. Soon, Horizon Radio will be broadcasting live sporting events for Grenadier athletics. We also have so many amazing new shows debuting this semester. Crime, dinosaurs, and Bluegrass are just three of the programs that are coming in to round out an already incredible schedule at Horizon Radio.

At Horizon Radio, we always innovate. We find students with passions. The ones bold enough to come out and be a member of a team bigger than themselves. A team that provides insight into our diverse neighborhoods and the ever-complicated world around us. Horizon Radio takes ideas and puts them in motion, and we are always moving forward.

Much like our namesake, we do not see a beginning or an end, just room to keep growing. I hope you will join us along the way.

Matthew R. McClellan

Station Manager, Fall 2018

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  1. Coach Joe Witten   On   September 26, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Matt: We met opening week of fall semester in the hallway outside the station.
    Wanted to check in and see if there were any needs, additions, ideas, etc you may need/want. Would there be a day I could come by and watch you all run through a show? I kind of miss those days of in or near the studio. Hope all is well. Coach Witten

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